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“Black Swan, meet the Investor; Investor, Black Swan.”

ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE.  ANYTHING. Even if based on the past, it is highly improbable.  Many have used this metaphor as a way to paint a picture of things that happen in life that none of us expected because no one … Continue reading

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Turnover is a Huge Money Maker – “NO LOAD FUNDS” are a Farce.

Last year I shot a video after reading an article confirming what we  have known for years about the excessive buying and selling of stocks within mutual funds, aka “fund turnover.” This activity adds huge cost to the portfolio and on … Continue reading

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Potential for Credit Rating decline in UK and US

This graph shows the amount of our national debt in relationship to our GDP (gross domestic product).  Gross Domestic Product is, in one sense, the income for our country for a given period, usually considered annually.  It is the sum … Continue reading

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Quote from Benjamin Graham

The value exchange in the world of investment management has long rewarded relationships based on frugality, simplicity, and maintaining a disciplined balance of a varied selection of investment classes. Benjamin Graham knows it and you know it. I affirm that … Continue reading

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“The Stock Market is a Giant Distraction from the Business of Investing”

~ John Bogle – Part III Speculation vs. Investing Investing is owning businesses for the long term and gaining value from the gain that the businesses accumulate intrinsically. Speculation is the attempt to capitalize in the short term on the … Continue reading

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