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“That’s How Budgeting Works” ~ President Obama

In last night’s state of the union address, the president spoke about many political topics, none of which are of interest to me in today’s post. Instead, I want to make a simple clarificaton based on one little comment he … Continue reading

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Predicting the Markets

We hear this over and over from those charged with predicting economy and markets. Some will try there entire lives. In the end, the mature ones will acknowledge that markets cannot be predicted. At the end of the video, Greenspan … Continue reading

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Fair and Balanced in 2010? Not on this Blog!

I was driving to the car repair place that my brother uses down here in Florida (yes the same Suburban, now something about the fuel line) and we got into a discussion about NPR and other news programs.  My brother … Continue reading

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An Empowered Inheritance is Purpose, not Prize

Yesterday was a restful day for Jenny and I – we are in Florida right now enjoying a few days with my brother and his family in West Palm Beach.  Sunday night football was on in the background while the four … Continue reading

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