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Bitcoin (5:29). . . What is it? Mises Institute’s Mark Thornton defines and defends this free-market alternative to government money. How to destroy a portfolio (25:33). . . Mark Matson explains, “Many investors and advisers play games (calling it sophistication) with portfolios … Continue reading

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Should I buy Google at $420?

I’m at the lake this weekend and talking with my 19 year old nephew, Chris, about Google’s current stock price. He’s done some research and thinks at $420 per share, this company may be a buy. “It’s been over $800,” he posits. “It’s a … Continue reading

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$8,000 At Closing

Video Description: Pass this around. This is the latest on the use of $8000 of Federal First Time Home Buyer tax credit money for the down payment and settlement costs of buying a home.

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What Does 200% Turnover Mean to You?

When a fund is turning over the stocks in your mutual fund like a rotisserie chicken, you pay dearly for it. I recently analyzed a fund mix on the popular Fidelity funds on a 401k palet. The average turnover was … Continue reading

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Here’s to You Mayor Hollister!

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