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Stimulate Your Own Economy. Leave Mine Alone!

It’s amazing to me that THE ECONOMY we all hear so much about is simply the sum total of the personal financial dealings, habits, issues, and realities of the estimated 6 billion people on this planet. So often we are … Continue reading

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Baby Boomers – What ARE We Going To Do With You?

The demographic that started the practice of naming demographics is once again living up to its name.

BOOM!! 39,000 State of Michigan employees need to be done with work – and soon! Just like that. To say nothing of the fact that these folks actually do a lot of work, the intellectual data that leaves with them all by itself will adversely affect most of the state’s departments for years to come.

Buts it’s simple really… Continue reading

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Lower Taxes and create Economic Growth – hmm, never thought of it.

I have a three minute commute to work.  The nice thing about that is I only have to listen to three minutes of talk radio in the morning (why I even subject myself to that much, I don’t know).  Be … Continue reading

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Here’s to You Mayor Hollister!

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Quote from Benjamin Graham

The value exchange in the world of investment management has long rewarded relationships based on frugality, simplicity, and maintaining a disciplined balance of a varied selection of investment classes. Benjamin Graham knows it and you know it. I affirm that … Continue reading

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