“My name is Luke Skywalker. I’m here to regulate you”. . . Mark Hamill pushes for a bill protecting buyers of autographed goods. Not surprisingly, it ends up hurting buyers of autographed goods.

The tool of money . . . It’s more than just a means of facilitating transactions. It’s soooo much more, says Ludwig von Mises.

The War on Terror . . . Our efforts have failed, say CATO analysyts A. Trevor Thrall and Erik Goepner, and Trump would do well by listening to why.

Why free trade works . . . Dan Russell of Learn Liberty takes us through a Comparative Advantage mini lesson to show us how trade is necessary for wealth creation.

Criminalize screen time? . . . Colorado is considering it. Our nostalgia-loving hearts may say yes, but our liberty-loving heads should be screaming NO!




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All or nothing for freedom . . . As a child, and with her mother, Yeonmi Park escaped from North Korea. This is her story.

Is the US coming apart? . . . Maybe, says Angelo Codevilla, retired professor and conservative. But it may also be the best and quickest way to radical decentralization of federal power.

Wage-less in Seattle . . . What smart economists have been saying about raising the minimum wage — that it hurts the poor the most — is being proven right now in Seattle’s $13/hr ($15 by 2021) experiment.

That’s one for the big guy . . . SCOTUS rules for the state and against property rights: “…government goals set the playing field,” says dissenting justice John Roberts.

Progressives who hate progress? . . . That would be the nation’s big cities, who seem to prefer protecting the status quo over encouraging actual innovation.



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The tireless Ron Paul . . . Still fighting for peace, the retired congressman calls out the one great obstacle to it: Big Government.

Brexit is on . . . so what now? Alasdair Macleod of Mises updates us on the Brexit status in the U.K. and shows us what Germany is thinking (spoiler: they’re looking east to China and Russia!).

What is wealth? . . . Dan Russell of Learn Liberty takes a shot at the question. He’s not entirely right, but there’s some truth in what he says.

Soft despotism? . . . Alexis de Tocqueville says we’re there. (He’s dead, but he said it a couple hundred years ago, and the guys at Learn Liberty seem to agree with him).

The other tireless Paul . . . Rand points out the absurdity of the Cuban embargo and the only weapon we should be using against them: capitalism.


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The infrastructure boondoggle . . . Always assumed and never questioned: that gov’t “investment” in roads and bridges is a win for the economy. Ryan McMaken of Mises doesn’t assume it, and he’s asking a lot of questions.

Going global . . . Brian Domitrovic of Learn Liberty traces America’s economic history from WWII to today.

Our 51st state? . . . Puerto Rico would like that. Statehood would bring many benefits, but, says Ed Krayewski of Reason, they’ll need to set aside their love of big government if they expect to turn things around economically.

Squid and Whale . . . M.G. Seigler of FEE extols the two biggest and most interesting creatures in the digital ocean: Netflix and Amazon.

Gun rights in Europe . . . There aren’t a lot. But things may be changing.


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Meme Magic . . . Ludwig von Mises may have died in more than 40 years ago, but he would have understood the power of a good meme better than the rest of us today, because he understood the power of ideas.

Post-War prosperity . . . Think things were so great in the 1950s? With a top tax rate of 91%, 20% for the lowest bracket, and nine recessions in the decade, it may only have seemed great compared with WWII and the Great Depression. Now the 60s, they were great.

Tolerating the bad idea . . . Even that, says John Stuart Mill, is good for society. So don’t silence the crackpot. Talk to him (or her).

Is organic better? . . . NO, says Bjorn Lomborg of PragerU. And NO, says a lot of studies.

Freedom for our friends down south . . . Waaay down south. Lawrence Reed of FEE talks the evils of socialism and the hope for liberty in South America.




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