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Emerging Markets, The Super Bowl, and a Quiz — Your Weekly Web Gems

What about Emerging Markets? (7:40) . . . Chase them? No, never. Be exposed to them? Of course. Investor coach Paul Winkler explains just how much exposure is good exposure. The Super Bowl, Minimum Wage, and the Panic of 1873 (37:00). … Continue reading

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Companies Work for YOU.

In an article sent to me recently by a client, Burton Malkiel, author of many books including A Random Walk Down Wall Street, makes the following statement about corporate earnings (read it twice if you need to): “…the structure of U.S. … Continue reading

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Global Markets Shudder!!

This is the main headline of The Wall Street Journal today.

I wonder how all of the active money managers are feeling today after yesterdays mammoth sell off in their international small company and emerging markets funds?

They might be re-thinking their mid 2009 “inflight correction” to include more emerging markets in their portfolios.

Let’s not miss this!

Here is what happened to many portfolios this past year… Continue reading

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