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I’m hoping that I’m not the last one to know this and that this post will be valuable to a lot of my readers.Chicklet

Most of you know what an RSS feed is and how important it is in getting people to subscribe to your blog. Have you ever wished there was an easy way to aggregate all of the different feeds that you subscribe to versus checking your email inbox throughout the day?

I know I did and the answer I found was…………….NETVIBES.

If you’re not familiar with Netvibes, it is one of the coolest web aggregators I have ever found (which is not saying much) without the ads. That’s quite a combination – Free and without ads, who would’ve thought?

It is a free site, you just need to register with a login and password. Once you do that, you can start customizing the page to display any and all of your RSS feeds along with a number of other widgets, including a Bookmark section where you can store all of your favorite websites. The advantage of storing your favorite websites in this bookmark widget versus your PC’s web browser is that your bookmarks will be available from any computer with Internet access by logging into your Netvibes account.

Here’s a quick blurb on the benefits of Netvibes:Netvibes

  • Helps you manage your digital life and share it with your friends
  • Brings all your favorite MySpace, Digg, YouTube, Gmail, Flickr, eBay, accounts – you name it (no, really, you can rename our entire site) – together on your own personal Netvibes page
  • Share with your friends or colleague your favorite modules
  • 100% customizable – no ads, no logos, no corporate control

After you have your Netvibes account set up, you can make it your default home page and voila!, whenever you open up your web browser, you’ll get a “dashboard” look of all of your favorite feeds on one page. This has been a great time saver because I can look at all of the titles and decide which one I want to read and which ones I’ll wait to read until later.

Hope this website is as useful to you as it has been for me, hopefully, I’m not the last one to learn about it.

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