600 Jobs, 600 Families, 600 Homes

Free Markets work to create opportunity, jobs, growth and value in our region!

Many of you have already heard that Liquid Web has purchased a building and will begin renovating it to house their expanding web hosting and data center operations along with employee growth. Read more on this story by clicking here. More people than ever before believe that Lansing, MI is where they want to be to work, live and raise their family.


Better paying Jobs coming here than in the recent past.

Better paying jobs bring families, not only singles.  Families have children; children go to our schools and do a wealth of other activities in Michigan together.

More Jobs being created than in the recent past!

More residents will stay and not leave; more companies will want to expand here as our work force grows, more home buyers and renters will remove homes from the market – fewer homes on the market will increase home prices.

We have a Greater diversity in Job creation than ever before.

This will hold many positives for us.  For example, both spouses will find employment in their field here in mid-Michigan now more often than before.

Diversity in job sector opportunity is the number one priority for economic development in any region.

In and around Texas during the 1980’s after the drop in oil prices devastated that 5 state region, job diversity is credited as the reason why they made such a long lasting recovery.  It is no surprise to many that even in the last three years, many of the hard hit regions in Texas in the 1980’s are not experiencing real estate value decline right now.  Their growing economy, based on a very diverse job market, is almost unstoppable.

In addition to our staple manufacturing, university, and state government we are expanding rapidly in health care, technology and the insurance industry.  As we become known for having a presence in certain industries, we get “on the map”. For corporations considering new regions to expand into, qualified employees that insure their stable growth is high on their list or qualifying determinants.

All positive growth begins with the truth!

Here’s the truth:

The best is yet to come in Lansing!

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