“It’s not a lie if you believe it” – George Costanza

The genius of the Seinfeld sitcom was the way they exploited the contradictions of everyday life. This quote by George Costanza came to mind out of the false assumptions in the current health-care debate today.

Here are some false assumptions!
– Our health-care system has failed.
– Government-sponsored health care is more efficient.
Profit is the problem in health care today.

These statements are simply not true! Centuries of evidence from governments around the world prove that government involvement reduces effectiveness and innovation and increases costs. Health care will be no exception! The collective genius of millions of people is best harnessed through the self interest of the free markets. This is not to say that free markets are perfect; However, they are more effective than any individual or group, no matter how well intentioned, in managing the myriad implications for any decision on behalf of the public.

There is a better direction: Expand health savings accounts. Move toward catastrophic care insurance. Individuals pay for health maintenance themselves. Reward individuals for managing the costs of their own medical expenses. Promote competition for medical procedures through accurate reporting of quality and costs.

A lie is a lie no matter how many people come to believe the lie!

–Steve Vanderwey

I stole (with permission) this entire post from a recent email my brother Steve Vanderwey sent out today.  You can visit Steve anytime by clicking here:  www.stevevanderwey.com

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