Debt Ceiling – Lowered ??

In an historic and highly charged summit on Sandhill Road in Mason MI, Evan and Jenny Vanderwey with the unanimous approval of their children and a cliff hanger 2 to 0 vote agreed to LOWER their personal household debt ceiling.

“Ever since the mortgage industry took a turn for the worse late in 2006 we have been meaning to make official what we have been talking about since then.”  Jenny said to the children last evening around 8:30pm

“Even though we will have to make sacrifices in the near term – I can really see how this will be good for our family in the long run”  Molly Vanderwey – 9

“I can’t explain it – it just feels good to know that our household balance sheet will include less leaverage as I get older – now its official!”  Anneke Vanderwey – 7

“I am very excited about this!! – Olivia Vanderwey – 6.

“I’m spiderman” – Owen Vanderwey – 3 and a half    ???

I’m not sure what Spiderman has to do with this, but this landmark Vanderwey family legislation coincidentally took place in the same week that Lawmakers in Washington DC approved an increase in their debt ceiling – now at $14.3 trillion. An increase of $1.9 Trillion.

Democrats said the move is necessary because the debt is approaching its current ceiling of $12.4 trillion. If the debt breaches the limit, the government would lose its borrowing authority and risk default.

“We have gone to the restaurant, we have eaten the meal; now the only question is whether we pay the check,” said Sen. Max Baucus (D-Mont.) in urging his colleagues to increase the limit.

There always used to be another way to pay the check, Senator. When I was a kid if you went to the restaurant and ate a meal that you couldn’t pay for – you washed the dishes. How could we work within this kind of tempered mindset?

By voting to LOWER their personal debt ceiling in the face of the current national leadership’s decision to increase America’s debt ceiling, the Vanderweys are hoping to motivate others to live within their means.

“the average age of our cars is just under 10 years, one of them almost old enough to vote at this point”  Jenny said in a post debate interview.  “and with another child having just arrived – our 7th – we will need a car with more seatbelts”

“Our suburban only has 8 seatbelts!”  Evan quickly calculated

“We have decided to make this a matter of prayer.  We agreed to not borrow money.  We know that because we are self employed that we can see really good months and then some months we don’t get paid.  We will have to trust God to provide for our needs”  Jenny said ” it has been fun to see God provide for us in the past few years – I’m not sure how, but I’m sure He will meet our needs this time too”

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