Weekly Web Gems

A health-insurance card is NOT healthcare (4:57). . . the unintended consequences of Medicaid and Obamacare. Once again, centralized planning succeeds in hurting the people it intended to help and raising the costs it intended to lower. Meet Dr.’s Alieta and John Eck as they see it play out every day in their free clinic.

Schooling or education? (2:54). . . Dr. Stephen Davies explains the surprising difference, shows how the modern school was designed to make good soldiers and laborers, and challenges some basic assumptions about how we teach our kids.

Fuel for the economic engine (3:27). . . We’ve been told it’s consumption, but that’s a lie (we can blame Keynes for that one too). Savings and production are what drive the economy, at both the micro and macro levels. And here’s the proof.


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