A way to break the ice…and popcorn!

Our kids will inherit more than just our money.  In fact, our Money will likely be the least important thing that we leave to them.

What they believe.

Who they believe in.

Their virtues and ethics.

Their quality relationships.

All of these things are more important than money.  And almost all of them will impact how they interact with money.

As for leaving something for my children, I would much rather leave them with the ability to earn, save, and invest than leave them money.  But if I have my way, I’ll leave them with both!

I’m told that at some point between adolescence and marriage, money (and a few other topics) becomes more difficult to discuss among even the closest of family members.

We want to help with that (the money discussion, that is).

Many of my clients have wanted to invite their (adult) children to our events.  They are always welcome to come, and yet, many parents rightly want to observe good boundaries with their children and not overstep those bounds.

Giving our kids the freedom to make their own mistakes is important.

I envision this movie event to be the kind that will allow for an important conversation like this to get started again.

Navigating The Fog Of Investing is very entertaining, and yet very serious and informative.

Whether you’re a client or you’re simply interested in the topic of investing, I invite you to respond here and reserve your tickets for this event.

We have room for you and for your family and guests.  Talk with Liz about how to invite others and how many tickets you will need.

I hope to see you on the 17th of July.



Evan Vanderwey

Advisor / Coach

Cornerstone Wealth Partners



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