Weekly Web Gems

Signs o’ the times . . . No, really–two signs of the times, one from your local, friendly DMV, the other from some self-serving, capitalistic, for-profit venture.

Outsourcing gov’t . . . An interview with Oliver Porter, the man who did it for the town of Sandy Springs, GA. For this town of 100k, the move has saved taxpayers over $140 million while improving services. Could this be the Detroit solution?

Where are the jobs? (2:49) . . . For young people, finding a job this summer may be tough. And it comes down to three reasons why: skill sets, gov’t regulations, and uncertainty.

Condorcet’s paradox (3:30) . . . We’ve always known the two-party voting system was rigged–now we have a word for it. Professor Diana Thomas explains how logically it’s the agenda setter that determines the outcomes, not the voters.

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