Weekly Web Gems

Bitcoin (5:29). . . What is it? Mises Institute’s Mark Thornton defines and defends this free-market alternative to government money.

How to destroy a portfolio (25:33). . . Mark Matson explains, “Many investors and advisers play games (calling it sophistication) with portfolios that may destroy the portfolio integrity and wealth. It’s not “sophisticated” to lose money…”

Not fair! Or is it?. . . David Hebert of FEE explains how the recent tax-evasion strategies of corporate biggies like Apple and Google might be very good things for consumers and the economy.

Save us from the CHEESE! (3:26). . . Mimolette – never heard of it, right? And you may never hear of it as the Feds are outlawing its sale in the US, saving us from a food that people have consumed for hundreds of years.

Spies are US (2:35). . . Reason TV’s Nick Gillespie talks NSA spying and police power abuse with FOX Business News.

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