Weekly Web Gems

The wheels on the bus go round and round (9:20). . . until the feds shut it down, that is. This is a fascinating, inspiring, enraging, and frustrating look at the potential revival of the over-the-road bus industry. “Potential” because just as small entrepreneurs are revitalizing this long-dead market, over-regulation is killing it again.

Enjoying that fair-trade cup a joe? (3:38). . . If you want to actually help those who picked the beans, you’re better off buying the higher-quality, non fair-trade coffee. Economist Colleen Haight of San Jose State University explains why.

Privatize the US Post Office? (5:09) . . . The UK is doing just that, and Matt Welch of ReasonTV thinks we should follow suit.

Free market facts and fallacies (55:00) . . . Jump in at 12:30 (it’s chit-chat intro stuff until then) and listen for a minute or for 40. No one presents the benefits of the free market quite like Tom Woods.

Why Nations Fail . . . (Jump to p.4 after the article loads) In his review of this sweeping, 1000-year economic history, Walter Brock gives a strong recommendation and points out the authors’ gaffes and guffaws.


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