Weekly Web Gems

Food-truck wars (5:10). . . Evanston, IL, is waging its own war on food trucks, and the Liberty Justice Center is crying foul (and suing). It seems cronyism is alive and well at the local level too.

Thou shall not steal (4:56) . . . Not just for the rich, private property rights, explains Professor Tom Bell of Chapman University, serves all of society.

The Origin of Specie I . . . Alex Salter makes the case that money is not, in fact, a public good and thus should not be provided by the government.

The Origin of Specie II  . . . And here he makes the positive case that money is, in fact, a private good and should be provided by the private sector.

But what about FB? (9:11) . . . Filmmaker Cullen Hoback makes the case that services like Facebook and Google ARE public goods. At least they act that way. The bigger question is who really benefits from their use?


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