Weekly Web Gems

The Taxing Game! (1:02) . . . Prof. Art Carden hosts this interactive gameshow where we get to pick who gets taxed. The catch? Avoiding the unintended consequences, of course.

Score one for the little guy…sort of (6:54) . . . ReasonTV’s Nick Gillespie talks with documentary film maker Sean Malone about his short film “No Van’s Land.” It depicts NYC politics at its best–dealing with honest competition by simply shutting it down. But this entrepreneur would not go quietly.

Stop and Frisk is under arrest (9:54). . . The NYC police department will have to prove that the practice is constitutional now that a U.S. District Court has ruled it’s not.

Bitcoin as do-it-yourself libertarianism (5:31) . . . No regulations. No intermediaries. No strings. Matt Welch talks with Laissez Faire books’ Jeffrey Tucker about why libertarians love bitcoin and why banks and governments don’t.

What is $$$ anyway? (3:06:00). . . An extra-credit assignment: this 3-part series was sponsored by the Congressional office of Ron Paul and made available on YouTube last week. It’s long. 3 hours long. But it may contain more than you’ve ever learned about money.

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