Weekly Web Gems

Nanny of the month (1:35). . . Criminalizing sleeping in your car, Palo Alto, CA, is this month’s winner. While banning e-cigarettes in NYC, Nanny Bloomberg comes in a close 2nd.

Trending darker and darker . . . Children’s book review Meghan Cox Gurdon sounds a warning that the young-adult book market is losing its moral way.

Flunking Econ 101 (5:07). . . Our economic knowledge deficit is starting to pay out some ugly dividends. We’re now reaping what we’ve been sowing.

The $10 bed and breakfast  (5:48). . . Time may be running out for this fledgling, innovative business model as it draws the ire (and the lobbying power) of the hotel industry.

Fan Freedom (4:35) . . . Andrew Langer from the Institute for Liberty says “Enough!” to the ticket masters, that event tickets are personal property and the laws restricting their resale are obsolete.

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