What Mind Over Money is Not

Sometimes in order to fully define something it’s necessary to spend some time thinking about what it is not.

I’ve been thinking about that with respect to our next World Class Coaching Event, which we’ve titled MIND OVER MONEY. The following are a few things that do NOT describe the goal of achieving Mind Over Money.

Mind Over Money is not magic. As I read Face Book as well as much of what comes out of the motivational marketplace I am troubled by a theme that has not only emerged but has planted roots in the minds of many. That if you believe in something strongly enough, it will happen. Believing equals having. Another way this is sometimes put is this: You become what you think about.

In the very popular book by Napolean Hill called Think and Grow Rich, the assertion is made that envisioning something clearly enough and focusing on it long enough will cause it to happen. The fact is, there is some truth to it. And yet, nothing will happen without action. And even then we don’t always get what we want or work for.

Mind Over Money is not a synonym for “Mind Over Matter.” I am not elevating the spiritual over the physical. I am not entering the new age fray here with this statement. What we will be talking about in our seminar on October 22 are certain tangible facts and thought processes that will elevate your Understanding of Money and Investing beyond the power of your emotions and perceptions. So, by OVER, I mean “greater than.”

Mind Over Money is not easy. Like anything of value, achieving mind over money is simple to explain and a discipline that requires your attention and some effort to realize. Our system is no get-rich-quick scheme. We are advocates of a life-long learning and investing discipline, which rewards the small efforts and the many little wise decisions made over a lifetime.

To get the full picture, make plans to attend on October the 22nd at the U-Club on the Campus of MSU.

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