Weekly Web Gems

The big WHAT IF (4:16) . . . Lew Rockwell of the Mises Institute discusses why a default may be the best thing that can happen — for the U.S. and for the world.

Do nothing! (2:45). . . That’s Professor Lawrence White’s advice (and Frederich Hayek’s too) on what to do when the economy goes south. And he explains exactly why.

Obamacare (9:00) . . . Dave Ramsey walks us through some simple math: Your insurer having to take anyone  +  you being perfectly healthy  =  your premium going way up after January 1.  It’s nothing personal. It’s just mathetical.

The great peacemaker . . . Free trade, according to Patrick J. MacDonald, is the best promoter of peace between nations. His research proves it empirically.

Congratulations! (2:19) . . . to Eugene Fama, co-winner of this year’s Nobel Prize for Economics, and frequent (though unwitting) contributor to this blog.

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