Weekly Web Gems

Uber Wars (11:00) . . . The Uber app, another innovative, free-market answer to the seedy cab ride, finds itself under attack in D.C for being, well,  innovative and free-market.

Incarceration nation (6:52) . . . Tracy Oppenheimer of ReasonTV talks with author Michael Stoll to find out why so many Americans (a 500% increase since the mid 1970s) are in prison.

Privatizing the police? (2:08) . . . A Houston neighborhood is giving it a shot, and they’re cutting costs and crime.

Eating their own cooking¬†. . . Rand Paul has introduced legislation — a constitutional amendment, no less — that would prohibit lawmakers from exempting themselves from their own legislation. It’s a long shot, but it’s aimed in the right direction.

QE What?(2:31)¬†. . . A funny look at quantitative easing from Kevin DeYoung’s Monday Morning Humor post.

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