Weekly Web Gems

I, Pencil (6:32) . . . Winner of this year’s ReasonTV video contest. This is an amazing illustration of the free market, its efficient complexity, and its ability to thrive without a mastermind.

Bitcoin: the reality of the virtual . . . In this interview with The Freeman, a real Bitcoin trader describes what it’s like to use the virtual currency to buy real stuff.

Game of Food Trucks (3:58) . . . “This is the tale of an epic food fight…” So begins the retelling of a battle between food truck owners and the brick-and-mortar restaurant lobby that seeks to legislate their competition away.

I Want to be a Crony (1:40) . . . Remember when kids wanted to be doctors and firefighters and veterinarians when they grew up? No longer…

Extra-Credit opportunity . . . A 4-part high school or college seminar (almost 100 minutes of fun!) on how an economy grows.

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