No such thing as a free lunch, but I WILL buy you dinner…

You’ve heard the expression: no such thing as a free lunch.

What it means, of course, is that even if you’re not directly paying for something – lunch or some other freebee – you’re still paying for it. Somehow. Somewhere.

I was reminded of this last month when a client said that she feels bad about attending these events over and over, costing me money when she is already a client.

“You don’t need to sell me,” she said. “I’m already sold.”

I disagreed.

Let me give you my philosophy on these events so that you know my answer to this common concern:

1. These events are for clients. They are not sales pitches (hopefully you’ve noticed that). My firm belief is that investors, left to themselves, will not remain disciplined over 40 and 50 years. They will eventually change strategies (on average investors do this every 3.5 years) based on some new person’s fine-sounding argument. This kills long-term portfolio returns, financial peace of mind, and everything in between. I can’t have that happen to my clients. I want you at the events, for your benefit, every quarter. Let me encourage those of you who have not been in a few years, even some of you who have never attended, to make it a habit in 2014.

2. These events are time well spent. Think about it. You spend 40+ hours a week making a living while you’re younger. I’m only asking for 4 evenings a year to make sure that your older years are funded as well as they should be given how much you’re saving.

3. The group is important to your success long term. I am doing this because it’s essential to your success. You will always be more successful if you are doing what is best and most important. I want you to attend and get to know each other a bit. Many of you have already benefited from conversations with each other. You can teach each other as well as I can – maybe better. I am nothing very special. I’m simply learning myself and sharing what I learn with you. You will do the same thing at your tables during dinner. You will both benefit and be a benefit to others by attending.

4. You’re right. These events are not free. But they don’t cost as much as you think. I do this a lot, and volume pays. The U Club is a great facility with professional staff and amazing food. You and I have been one of their very best customers. They want to keep us happy. Oh yeah, and Liz drives a hard bargain. I get a very good price because I’m very regular. Don’t let cost deter you.

5. You’re paying for them, so bring your own guests, and build your own group. Again, it’s all in there. You pay me a fee. I spend some of that money on this service to you. Take advantage of it. You yourself probably would not be able to communicate to a friend the essentials of how you’re investing like one of these events can. Use it. Share this with others. There is plenty of room in the free market for all of us to make a lot of money.

So to sum up – these events are not free. They cost money. The money is worth it. I need these events to happen regularly so that you will get the education and coaching you need to remain disciplined.

Which brings me to the most important point:

Market returns achieved by you the investor are not free either. YOU need to invest some time and energy in order to remain disciplined. Do you realize that almost no one enjoys market returns in their investments? YOU WILL. But only if you are committed to do your part. Hopefully we’ve made that simple.

To reserve your spot, just email us here or call Liz – 517–381-3450. Do it today. Then plan to do it three more times this year.

See you on the 29th.



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