A movie review, Open borders, and Sweatshops: Your Weekly Web Gems

House of Cards: A Review . . . Prof. Steve Horwitz reviews the hit show from a libertarian economic perspective and finds some accurate–albeit unsettling–portrayals of life in D.C.

What if we opened the borders? (4:05) . . . Wouldn’t they all come to the U.S.? “They might,” says Bryan Caplan, “and that would be a good thing for Americans.”

Farm workers picketing their…union? (8:00) . . . Not sure what Cesar Chavez would do in his grave over this one.

Repealing the Jones Act (4:00) . . . Hawaii fights a 100-year-old, crony-built, bad protectionist law. Maika’i pomaika’i (that’s Hawaiian for “good luck”, I think).

Can sweatshops be a good thing? . . . Benjamin Powell wrote a book on it, and he says that if by “good” we mean the least-bad option, then yes. He spoke to The Mises Institute in February’s Issue of The Free Market.

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