SAVE THE DATE: World-Class Investor Coaching Event – April 22, 2014

In late January we hosted our quarterly coaching event at the University Club, and despite another snowstorm we again had record attendance.  We still cannot say for sure if it’s the content of the presentation or the content of the dinner that brings folks out in such great numbers on a snowy night, but either way, folks are reporting having had a great experience.

On April 22nd, again at the University Club, we will be hosting investors and their friends and families.

Who should attend?

  1. If you are my client and you have family, friends, or co-workers who have not been introduced to the coaching you receive from us, please invite them to attend with you.  I have a few clients who are already filling up their tables with folks they know and care about.  As you know we are very low pressure and you can be assured that your friends won’t regret having joined you for dinner.
  2. If you have been receiving our emails and would like to come but have not been able to so far, please know you are welcome.  We will not be doing Mind Over Money again for a while, so now is the chance to hear this presentation.

The first presentation on the 22nd is Mind Over Money. If you’ve heard that one already, feel free to attend again or just come for dinner and the second half.

After dinner Evan will be presenting LOVE THE BEAR MARKET.  Before you get anxious, please don’t assume that we think we’re in for a downturn in the markets, and recall from your previous CWP teaching that there is no way to predict these things.  Think of it as exercise. You have to do it BEFORE you need it.  This is a VERY good session.

If at least a small part of you is not grinning when the market goes down, then come on April 22 and find out what you are missing.



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