Ayn Rand, Monopolies, and Crimea: Your Weekly Web Gems

The corporate artist? (6:00) . . . Not an oxymoron in Ayn Rand’s thinking, as Prof. Jennifer Burns explains in her analysis of Atlas Shrugged.  

Nanny of the Month (1:42) . . . Frisco, Texas, wins this month’s prize for re-writing city ordinances to keep one man from holding up a helpful sign.

Economics and Crimea . . . “Follow the money” may be the best interpretive model for seeing into Crimea’s decision to secede to Russia.

Should gov’t stop monopolies? (3:40) . . . Maybe. Maybe not, says Prof. Lynne Kiesling of Northwestern U. In the end, the unintended consequences of busting a monopoly might leave the consumer worse off.

What does the Austrian School say about environmental economics? . . . This one’s for the advanced student. In his lecture at this year’s Austrian Economics Research Conference, Edwin Dolan argues that the free-market approach “least impedes coordination between competing parties.”

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