Foodies, Haggis, and Remy: WEB GEMS!

100 . . . That’s how many rules the Federal Register added last week. So far this year, 355 new rules will affect small businesses alone.

The War on Drugs (1:00) . . . and YOU…because you’re in it…you just don’t know it.

Love and the IRS (2:00) . . . Remy sings about romance and the rash of crashing government hard drives.

Foodies vs Feds (8:00) . . . Dana Goodyear, author of Anything That Moves, discusses the clash between regulators and the restaurant underground.

It’s time to end Prohibition . . . on haggis, of course. Not only would it make Scottish expats happy, it would also be a good precedent for ending silly bans.

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