Football, Skateboards, and Jet Packs: WEEKLY WEB GEMS

Thrashing through Red Tape (4:00) . . . The electric skateboard industry takes on California’s legislative labyrinth.

Nanny o’ the Month (1:30) . . . While toy guns and phone recycling have local-level legislators in a tizzy, the July NOM goes to….jet packs.

A Master of Investing . . . This short interview with David Booth, co-founder and CEO of Dimensional Fund Advisors, is worth your time. By the way, David is also the Booth of the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business.

Football and the Free Market (4:00) . . . Whether it’s how we score touchdowns or how we operate in the economy, changing the rules of the game can be dangerous.

NO Helmets! (3:00) . . . Professor Steven Horowitz has a crazy idea about how to solve the NFL’s concussion problems. And yes, it’s an analogy for real life too.

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