TRUST – We’re Richer For It

Where trust does not grow neither do investments…

In the past 24 months the amount of money my firm manages has doubled. One reason for this is that client accounts have increased because of very good gains across all market sectors (I had nothing to do with this—it was just the market doing its thing). Another reason is that my clients have added a considerable amount of their own money to accounts that we already manage. And finally, we have taken a host of new clients during the past two years. As I analyze these three sources, I see that the growth is pretty evenly divided between the three.

Our clients are succeeding, and, just as importantly, they feel like they are succeeding.

So, in the face of my clients’ gaining exceptional market returns, adding significantly to their investments from their own income, and introducing our services to others they care about, why are so many Americans so reluctant to invest in stocks?

The answer is TRUST. Or lack of it.

Join us in October for our 4th-quarter World Class Investor Coaching Event and find out why.



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