Scots, Czars, and Cronies: WEB GEMS

Secession! . . . The British are realizing — maybe too late — that for Scotland, leaving the UK is not about economics. It’s about Scotland.

Crony Chronicles . . . Maybe those Georgia auto dealers were onto something in their attempts to block Tesla. The electric car manufacturer scored $1.3 billion in what amounts to government welfare (i.e. tax breaks).

Baby, Please Don’t Go! . . . Cameron begs the Scots to stay. Or was that a threat?

Ending the War (6:00) . . . From ex-drug czars to cops to politicians, the voices calling out for an end to the war on drugs are getting louder.

Freedom of Speech on Campus . . . Denied tenure because of political tweets, Professor Steven Salaita is finding that academia’s standards for acceptable speech are getting tighter and tighter.


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