Scotland, Bitcoin, and Rising Federalism: WEB GEMS

How does Bitcoin help free speech? (2:00) . . . by allowing transactions that can’t be censored. With no third-party, there is no VISA or PayPal to bend to government pressure to deny payments.

Libertarians to the Rescue! (15:00) . . . Dr. Imad-ad-Dean Ahmad explains how free-market capitalism may be just what the Middle-East needs for stability.

Maybe next time, Scotland . . . Though the highlanders voted NO to independence, the movement toward more power in Scottish hands is well underway.

Decentralization is all the rage . . . Americans want more power to go to the states. So says Cato policy analysts John Samples and Emily McClintock.

Do Incentives Matter? . . . Yes, but not in the paternalistic sense that most economists mean. Individuals bring their OWN incentives to the market place.

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