Flint, MI, and the Beauty of Mondays: GEMS

Are you diversified? . . . Your financial advisor may say you are, but if the market is still winning you’re not truly diversified.

Mondays¬†aren’t getting you down¬†. . . The folks at Flow have crunched the data and what they found out about Mondays may surprise you.

Flint’s urban renewal (9:00) . . . People will make it happen, not government, says Flint Mayor Dwayne Walling.

Is Libertarianism in your blood? . . . If you call yourself a conservative, then yes, and you may as well face up to it. Reagan and Bill Buckley did.

Surely we need gov’t for science . . . Or do we? Matthew McCaffrey of FEE believes the private sector can bring us more life-improving scientific breakthroughs, and they can do it quicker.

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