Zombies, Ebola, and Taylor Swift: WEB GEMS

We’re Zombies (2:25) . . . Economist Daniel D’Amico points out some frightening similiarities between zombies and those deprived of the right to freely associate (warning: brief violence, but it’s ok, they’re just zombies.) 

Climate debate over: We’re doomed . . . Whew! Now we can go on with our lives. Regardless of the quality of the science behind them, claims of “irreversible” damage are the best arguments for doing nothing.

3 reasons NOT to fight ebola with the military (2:00) . . . ReasonTV’s Nick Gillespie breaks it down.

The power of words . . . The FEDS don’t like stock market volatility, and though they’ve always been active in manipulating it, it’s all but out in the open now.

Obama’s Taylor Swift Strategy (2:20). . . We’re just gonna shake, shake, shake it off. (Yes, a Remy remix.)


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