Ebola, X-box, and B.O: WEB GEMS

Distorted money . . . Rothbard on the flaws behind the government-regulated, “stable-money” system.

The X-box made me do it (3:43) . . . Econ Prof. Michael Ward explodes the assumption that video-games = violence.

Asset forfeiture programs? . . . If you’ve never heard of them, don’t be surprised. Local governments have every reason to keep mum on this dirty little secret.

Ebola, ISIS, legal weed (3:50) . . . Afraid? Neither are the kids from Nickelodeon. But what if I say, “2014 Midterm election campaign ads”? Now that’s scary.

Nanny of the month (1:40) . . . The October winner is Burien, Washington, who has made it illegal to smell bad.

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