Liberate the Wine! and other WEB GEMS

Liberty, eh? (6:00) . . . The Libertarian movement is alive and well in our neighbor to the north. As they say in Quebec, Liberte!

Anything but safe . . . How Venezuela and Argentina have proven that the middle of the road is no road to prosperity.

Just Say NO! (4:14). . . to stock picking. Zac Shepard of Matson Money discusses two investments to avoid and the importance of diversifying.

The cost of care . . . In this month’s issue of Imprimis, University of Chicago economist Casey Mulligan explores some of the unintended consequences of the Affordable Care Act.

This is not the 1920s (4:00) . . . but you may still be living under prohibition-era laws. And one group of cronies wants to keep it that way.


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