What do Downton Abbey, N. Korea, and Detroit have in common? This week’s WEB GEMS

Got a permit for that? (4:30) . . . These three U.S. cities are the worst culprits when it comes to fees, permits, and licensing red tape. Sadly, Detroit made the list.

How to Fix North Korea . . . It’s no magic pill, but doing business with them is a start, says Felix Abt, Swiss businessman and part-time resident of Pyongyang.

FDA menu labeling . . . It’s costly and counterproductive, so let’s make everyone do it.

Downton Abbey’s dirty little secret . . . Jump to the last two paragraphs for a spoiler. The rest is a fascinating history lesson.

“Pray then like this…” . . . Kevin DeYoung prays the Lord’s Prayer for Ferguson.



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