Fire me NOW!

When do I fire my investment advisor?

When he sends you an email like the one below.

As a Registered Investment Advisor I receive emails of this type (despite my efforts to unsubscribe) pretty much every hour.  This year, the webinars and seminars promising to tell me what is going to happen in 2015 are coming out in force.

The day I send you a coaching-event invitation with a title like this one is the day I ask you to fire me.  Don’t ask questions, don’t think twice about it.  Just give me the axe.

Check out the bulleted items they promise to solve. How could they possibly know?  There is no way anyone can make enough correct, consecutive guesses about the future to serve your needs for a sound investment strategy to last the next 40 to 80 years.

Envestnet Market Outlook:
Will the Bull Continue in 2015?

Join us as we kick off the new year with our annual conference call featuring a panel of top investment strategists and valuable insight for 2015. Zachary Karabell, Head of Global Strategy at Envestnet, will lead the discussion on the what financial professionals might expect from the markets this year, including:

Strength of U.S. stock and bonds vs. global equity weakness
Whether global markets will (finally) outperform
Consensus that interest rates will rise – true or false
Geopolitical impact on markets – here and abroad


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