Borders, the FED, and unintended consequences: WEB GEMS

Buyer’s remorse. . . Are the democrats jumping the Obama-care ship or just making sure there are enough lifeboats?

The casualties of care . . . As the employer mandate takes effect, the ones who are hurt may be the very ones Obama-care was meant to help.

Open the borders (1:35) . . . Economics tells us that the free exchange of labor is a lot like the free exchange of goods and services: it benefits everyone.

The men behind the curtain . . . The all-powerful, all-necessary Federal Reserve is proving that it is anything but.

A novel idea for the graphic novel (5:00) . . . With help from the likes of Kickstarter and Comixology, comic writers are taking a page from the e-publishing industry and bypassing the brick-and-mortar gatekeepers.

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