Docs, Robbers, and Nannies: WEB GEMS

Warsaw’s blinking lights (5:00) . . . Georgetown econ professor Peter Jaworski recounts a 1980s city-wide act of resistance in the face of tyranny.

Are we really free? . . . Only when entrepreneurs are free to sell and consumers are free to buy does society have freedom.

Stick ’em up . . . Uncle Sam is not robbing anyone, because it has a fancy legal name: civil forfeiture.

What’s up, Doc? . . . Not the number of new doctors. In fact, the government’s actions have all but ensured a coming doctor shortage.

Stop the madness! (1:36) . . . Thankfully, Dubuque, Iowa, is doing just that and putting a stop to the horror of childhood . . . sledding. It’s the Nanny o’ the Month.


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