The Future turns 20, and other…WEBGEMS

Happy B-day, The Future! (29:00) . . . You’re 20 this year! ReasonTV’s Nick Gillespie celebrates with W. Joseph Campbell author of 1995: the Year the Future Began.

Sign! Sign! Everywhere a Sign! . . . According to the National Motorists Assoc. an overabundance of traffic signs is hurting us much more than helping. There’s got to be a good anti-regulation allegory in there somewhere.

3rd-world bitcoin (1:42) . . . Where credit and banking are scarce, bitcoin is meeting the demand.

Subsidies are on the block for ACA . . . And if the Supremes declare that provision of the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional, it will be the Democrats who have some ‘splainin to do.

Top 5 NFL Hits! (1:00) . . . to taxpayers’ wallets.


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