Ferrets, Friedman, and Fat Cats: WEB GEMS

Milton Friedman gets one wrong . . . as he sometimes does. In comparing daylight savings time to monetary policy, Uncle Milty left one really important idea out of the analogy.

End the war! (3:00) . . . on ferrets. NYC voted this week to do just that, but the votes for ferret freedom fell short. Keep your furry chins up, fellas. Your day will come.

The fattest cats . . . a state-by-state guide to the nation’s biggest winners of gov’t subsidies.

Dropped calls? (10:30) . . . Don’t worry, the FCC is on it. No dropped calls? Don’t worry, the FCC is on it. Either way, the FCC will be on it.

Mutual aid . . . an alternative to welfare. Not a hypothetical one, but a solution that works on the ground. Today. Here.


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