Mars, Baseball, and Liberty: WEB GEMS

Mars or Bust (2:30) . . . ReasonTV talks to one of 100 finalists for Mars One, a privately funded mission to put humans on Mars. There would be no return ticket, by the way.

Regulating Baseball? (5:00) . . . Congress may have no authority over the game, but they sure act like they do. Here are the top five congressional hearings on the national pastime.

Villain or Champion for the Poor?¬†(18:00). . . Mises Institute’s Jeff Deist interviews Adam Vass Gal, who discusses his book Generational¬†Poverty: An Economic Look at the Culture of the Poor, and how the State helps the poor to stay that way.

Thinking of grad school? (2:30) . . . Here’s a quick check list for the right and wrong motives.

7 Habits . . . of highly effective libertarians.

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