Ending the IRS and other FREE-MARKET GEMS

Strange Bedfellows (4:00) . . . but not for the usual reasons. Good ideas are rising up through the grass-roots and sprouting in D.C. where guys like Rand Paul and Eric Holder are actually working together.

Tapping your Roth IRA . . . Michael Pollack of WSJ explains how to optimize your Roth in combination with other retirement assets.

Death by zip code (6:00) . . . Meet Sophia. She has epilepsy that modern medicine can’t treat, but a natural remedy will. The problem? the plant she needs is called cannabis.

End the IRS? (17:00) . . . “Why not?” says Grover Norquist. “Kansas did it.” Nick Gillespie talks with the author of End the IRS Before It Ends US. 

The Living-Wage Mistake . . . There are many of them, but Ryan McMaken of Mises zeroes in on the cost of interventionist activity itself.

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