Hate speech, Hayek, and Heat: FREE-MARKET GEMS

But what about monopolies? . . . As Hayek explains, a dynamic free market is inherently well-suited for discouraging monopolies.

Hate speech is unprotected speech . . . So says CNN anchor Chris Cuomo. He also challenged viewers to read the constitution. Here’s what it says.

Experimental drugs and the terminally ill (7:00) . . . Professor Howard Baetjer of Towson University gets a surprisingly wide range of views from the school’s students.

Nanny o’ the month (2:00) . . . April’s Nanny goes to Gov. Jerry Brown for tightening the little guy’s belt and letting his Big Agra friends carry on with business as usual. We’ll throw in a Crony for his mantle also.

Faith on the hardwood . . . Pastor Kevin DeYoung talks with 6’9″ forward MSU Spartan Matt Costello about the challenges of living faithfully and in the spotlight.

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