Zombies, Dollars, and Drugs: FREE-MARKET GEMS

Why we invented money (3:00) . . . A great Econ 101 primer and maybe the best, simplest presentation of the problem with quantitative easing.

The TPP not-so-free-trade agreement . . . True free trade must always be about decentralizing power; the TPP will do just the opposite.

Like a Zombie (3:00) . . . Predicting market movement is like predicting who’ll die next on the next episode of Walking Dead. So says Zach Shepard of Matson Money. He also says OWN THE MARKET!

End of the Road (4:00) . . . Ross Ulbrecht, creator of the on-line drug market Silk Road, gets life in prison without parole. Was it justice or abuse of power?

Made in America…or else (3:00) . . . Bernie Sanders pressures the Smithsonian to buy American. That gift-shop key chain just doubled in price, but hey! America!


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