Bubbles and the Brown Bomber: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Next Bubble? . . . Even amid nation-wide funding cuts, college campuses are building like mad. So who’s footing the bill? Easy: Anyone paying the tuition rates that have risen 4 times faster than inflation over the past 30 years.

The Supremes Preserve Obamacare (1:00) . . . Five take-aways from last week’s decision.

Rates Tightening? (2:30) . . . Sit tighter, says Mark Matson. Education requires more reminding than instruction: this is classic MM reminding us of what’s important in investing.

De Blasio Bomb . . . More rent-control antics from NY City promise to decimate a new generation of housing in the Big Apple.

The Joe Louis Story You Didn’t Know . . . If you didn’t hate the IRS already, you will after reading this.


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