Dinos, Nannies, and Knickers: FREE-MARKET GEMS

A Jurassic-World What-If . . . Why things wouldn’t get out of hand if capitalists (boring, conservative, opportunity-cost-watching capitalists) really ran the park. Good economics that would make a really bad movie.

A Ban on Smoking Research? (1:30) . . . In order to study the effects of smoking, test subjects in laboratories must smoke, right? NO! says NJ anti-smoking group GASP. They can smoke outside too, like everyone else.

Common Ground . . . for the Christian and atheist? There is some, and it’s pretty important ground says George Smith of Libertarianism.org.

The Return of the Streetcar (5:00) . . . How earmarking, monument-building, central-planning politicians are doing their all to make your downtown commuting experience worse than ever.

A Free Country! (4:00) . . . John Adams’ last remarks before the vote for American independence.

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