MMA, Uber, and Greeks: FREE-MARKET GEMS

MMA in NYC? . . . Not if the unions have their way. Legal in 49 states, and considered the fasting growing sport in the world, mixed martial arts  has always been, and still is, illegal in New York. But it’s the unions, not an over-reaching nanny state that keeps it that way.

The Greek Debacle pt I (1:30) . . . Garret Jones of George Mason U gives what has to be the simplest explanation of recent events in Greece.

The Greek Debacle pt II (8:00) . . . Mark Matson looks at what’s happening in Greece from the point of view of a fully-diversified, re-balanced, optimistic investor.

Uber-Nanny . . . Taxi unions hate the ride-sharing app Uber, and so too must you if you’re a democrat, says Hillary Clinton. Two parties in an agreed-upon, mutually beneficial economic exchange without regulations? She’s right – this kind of thing has to stop.

Encryption et al . . . Ladar Levison talks net neutrality, cryptography, and freedom of speech in the digital age with ReasonTV’s Zach Weissmueller.

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