Kids, Cars, and a Campus Coma: FREE-MARKET GEMS

We Don’t Have Health Insurance . . . No one does anymore, and Jim Fedako of the Mises Institute explains why.

Campus Confusion (3:00) . . . Professor Rob Gressis discusses taxation, charity, and the use of force with the students of Cal State Northridge.

Sharing the Wealth . . . Here’s a look at an OnDeck application, a lender for business loans of up to $250k in as little as one day. (Not an ad. We just think this sort of streamlined business model right out of the sharing economy is pretty cool.)

Government Motors . . . Not only are all those safety amenities mandated, but in this case the car companies love being told what to do.

It’s All About the Kids (6:00) . . . Rebecca Friedrichs disagrees and is taking the California Teachers Association to the US Supreme Court to prove it.

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