Ayn, Money Grabs, & Nannies: FREE-MARKET GEMS

The Death of Wealth in Connecticut . . . Christopher Westley of the Mises Institute laments the latest cash grab from “The Full of Surprises” state: a nearly ten-fold jump in the death-tax cap, making CT one of the worst states to die in.

What They Carry . . . Here’s a peak into the travel backpack of Matt Mulenweg, CEO of Automatic.

Small Business Tip of the Week . . . Business Journals contributor Bill Stevens shows us how to turn positive customer reviews into valuable content.

Ayn Rand Recanters . . . From Rush drummer Neil Peart to former Fed Reserver Alan Greenspan, some Rand fans find good (pragmatic?) reasons for distancing themselves from the philosophy of objectivism.

Nanny of the Month . . . Driving while using a cell phone is now illegal in Indiana, but the Nanny actually goes to the representatives who voted for it without reading it.

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